Edinburgh preview#1: Garden by Lucy Grace

Garden press imageHow do you escape the monotony of the daily 9-5 grind, and find a way to reconnect with the world? This one-woman show, written and performed by Lucy Grace, tells the story of a quirky twenty-something who has become trapped in her menial office job at Insignia Asset Managements. She’s confident about how to work the photocopier, shredder and binder with greater expertise than anyone else in the office; but she’s starting to wonder how this fits into The Grand Scheme Of Things. One day Lucy rescues the abused office pot plant and her world alters. Inside her flat 24 floors up, she starts to plant, cultivate, nurture her own personal wilderness. 

Garden is set to be a resonant piece, tapping into the lonely experience of living and working in the city, and particularly in London. Grace’s play promises a short yet funny exploration of ‘going green’ in the midst of struggling to work out what direction her life and career plans (or perhaps lack of) are going in, and is an enlightening discovery of what might grow between the cracks in the concrete.

Garden will run from 5th August at Pleasance Courtyard (Below) in Edinburgh. More information.

(c) Joanna Lally. 

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