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4 August 2014 – Not the Edinburgh Festival…

Sarah and Irina reading

Sarah and Irina reading

Good cava is better than bad champagne by SM Jenkin; an extract from A life in Ruins by SJ Horan; March by Sarah Hehir; Runaway by Sam Rapp; Human Nature by Maggie Drury; and Favela to Favela by Sam Hall.

Thanks to our readers, Nigel, Sarah, Irina, Barry, Sam, and Sam.

1 September 2014 – Vacations and celebrations …

Barry, Heather and Liz read an extract from 'Sand castles' - photo

Barry, Heather and Liz read an extract from ‘Sand castles’

Plays themed around holidays. Tofurkey Day by Allie Costa; Holidays by Maggie Drury; You’re welcome by Laura Edwards; an extract from Sand Castles by Sam Hall; May by Sarah Hehir; 127468 by Sam Rapp; and Cascade of Baubles by Whoop’n’Wail. Thanks to our readers, Liz, Heather, Richard, Sam, Barry and Sam.

29 September 2014 – Byron

To coincide with the Rochester Literature Festival, we will present a script-in-hand reading of plays inspired by the ‘Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know’, Lord Byron. All that glitters SJ Horan; A brief history of the world told by a dangerous girl by Effie Samara; Contrast by Sam Rapp; She Walks by Allie Costa; and Old Rabbis in the Sky by Eleanor Rodda. Plus a sneak preview of The Spirit of my Dream.

The Spirit of my Dream

Clemie and Heather in ‘The Spirit of my Dream’

Thanks to our readers, Barry, Richard, Dave, Emma, Heather, Sam, Clemie and Emma.

27 October 2014 – Journeys (Open to female and male writers)

Real, imaginary, emotional or symbolic, we asked to hear about your journeys.

Advice to my younger self  by Sam Hall / Extremism by Barry Fentiman / We could see the sea (extract) by Naila V. Tantinya / Stay by Dylan Oscar Rowe / I saw him on the 8.55 by Maggie Drury / Aphrodite can wait by Sam Rapp / Safe distance by Allie Costa / Nobody by Helen Ryan

Thanks to readers, Clemie, Malek, Dylan, Sam, Barry, and Sam.

24 November 2014 – Politic Man by Alison Mead

In a change from the usual format, we had a guest playwright, Alison Mead, who previewed her new full-length play, Politic Man.

The cast at 'Politic Man'

The cast



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