‘Brilliant – thank you so much – I don’t think there is one comment I don’t agree with or can’t see where you are coming from. The sections on plot, character, pacing and tone were all very clear and useful. They will really help me on my next draft. It’s so valuable to have someone to give you feedback on your work.’ (SJH, playwright)

‘Thank you for the script report, which is good value for money in view of its detail, as evidenced also by your spotting of those typos. You have my recommendation.’ (SD, playwright)

‘I found your feedback instructive, precise, you got stuck in with the story
and the characters and knew how they would perhaps be better off, you made things clearer, coherent with regard to form as well as content.’ (KL)

‘I was really impressed by the thoroughness and detail of your critique.’
(KG, playwright)

Not sure about your play and want a second opinion? We are pleased to announce our script reading service for short and full-length theatre plays for UK-based writers, (both female and male).

Our feedback service will take no longer than 2 weeks and on average takes between a week and 10 days.

The 2-4 page written report you will receive back will cover areas such as; style, content, dramatic effectiveness, and offer suggestions for development work, if needed. Each play will be read by 17Percent’s founder Sam Hall.

Sam was a member of The Royal Court Theatre’s Young Writers’ Scheme (2004). She also graduated with an MA in Plays and Screenplays from City University (2008). She has written and produced several of her own plays, and was a Reader for the Cock Tavern Theatre (2010). She has also written theatre reviews for various magazines for almost 20 years. She has led several groups mentoring writers, including playwrights, and curated a 2-day mini-festival of short plays for 17Percent in 2010. She programmed and produced a new playwriting showcase, She Writes, reading and assessing over 200 submissions for the night, which ran from 2011-12. She has also produced a number of full-length plays.

Short plays (30 minutes and under*): £30
Full-length plays (up to 90 minutes max*): £70 for first draft comments.
Proofreading: £25 per hour.

If a second draft is submitted for reading within 6 months, a discount of 10% is applied to the fee.

Please email us if your script is longer than 90 pages, or 90 minutes, for a quote.

*You can usually estimate one and a half minutes per page of your script, if you have laid it out as per our formatting example. We can advise you if you are unsure of the length of your play.

To order:
We only accept plays by email. Email with your script attached (PDF or word.doc or .docx), with ‘Script reading service’ in the header – we will send you a PayPal request by return, once payment has been received your script will be read and your report emailed back to you. (You can also pay by bank transfer or cheque, please email for details.)

Further info:
Please send completed scripts which you feel may need a bit of development. Make sure the pages are numbered and the script formatted appropriately. (Read our advice about formatting.)

Full name and contact details should be provided in the e-mail. If you wish, include a paragraph about yourself including your writing background – though this is not obligatory. If there are any essential casting or production notes – eg, doubling, promenade style – make sure this is clear.

Please note that we specialise in feedback on original play scripts for theatre and are not able to give feedback on other formats, including; Adaptations, Novels, Radio, TV or Film scripts. We are currently offering this service to UK-based writers only.

Terms and conditions:

  • Submission of scripts is only for the Script Reading Service, and not a commitment by 17Percent or Sam Hall to either produce or develop the script. However, short scripts written by UK-based female writers which are suitable for 17Percent’s showcase night She Writes, will be considered for this opportunity, and we will contact you regarding this.
  • Every script submitted remains the property of the author and we will not divulge anything within the script to any third party or take any part of the script and develop it ourselves.
  • Please note that script reading is subjective, and our comments are intended as expert guidance to help you with the development process, you are free to accept or ignore these comments. We cannot be held liable if upon development after receiving feedback your script does not receive a production, or further interest.
  • By paying for this service you will be deemed to have accepted our T and Cs.

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