17Percent is a constituted voluntary group. Our constitution can be found below.

Chair: Sam Hall
Secretary/Treasurer: Barry Fentiman
Special advisers: Sarah Hehir (playwrighting), Sam Rapp (legal), SM Jenkin (events).

Constitution: Formally constituted at the AGM 11/7/15

Full title: 17Percent
Note: 17Percent has been operating informally as an Unincorporated Group since its founding by Sam Hall in 2009 – this document sets out the Constitution formally.


  • To support the main aims of 17Percent, which is to support and promote UK-based female playwrights in general, in a variety of ways, for example, but not limited to, live theatre showcases and events, peer-to-peer dramaturgy, networking, publishing.
  • To provide a constructive and creative environment, to further the aims of the organisation, which is to promote and support female playwrights mostly in, but not specifically limited to, Medway, and to support gender equality in the theatre.
  • To create a forum for the exchange of ideas and materials, for the benefit of 17Percent’s members.
  • To contribute and collaborate with the wider Medway and UK arts scene.

Range of activities:
Activities to include, but not be limited to:

  • Developing and producing a range of live theatre events.
  • Promoting the group online and in person within Medway and the wider Kent area.
  • Promoting female playwrights in general, via our online presence and social media.
  • Participating in group writing and theatrical activities – online and live.
  • Providing opportunities for contact with other writers and industry professionals.
  • Providing constructive feedback on work submitted to the group.
  • Developing a bank of resources and tools to aid group members’ writing skills.
  • Publishing playscripts.
  • Providing dramaturgy and script development.


  • Membership is by application to the executive committee, to be approved by at least two members including a Special Adviser.
  • There shall be at least three members, no maximum number, at any one time.
  • Members will include Special Advisers appointed to advise the group, though they shall have no financial liabilities.

Honorary Officers and Committee:

  • Chairperson, Secretary/Treasurer (the Executive Committee) to be appointed annually at an Annual General Meeting.
  • Voting – one vote per member. Voting decisions by simple majority.
  • 66% of vote required for constitutional changes, budget setting or major financial decisions.

Regulations and dissolution:

  • 17Percent does not exist to promote intolerance of any kind, and any member who expresses views promoting intolerance will be expelled.
  • All group and committee members must accept that all communications with the public relating to 17Percent projects, must be approved by the committee prior to release.
  • Any member may resign to the group verbally or in writing to the Secretary.
  • Amendments to the Constitution may be agreed upon by the committee at either a monthly meeting or the AGM.
  • All monies, fixtures and fittings, on dissolution, will be transferred to organizations whose aims are consistent with those of the group.

Financial Structure:

  • Any money obtained by the Group shall be used only for the Group.
  • Any bank accounts opened for the Group shall be in the name of the Group.
  • Any cheques issued shall be signed by the Treasurer and Chairperson.

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