Here you can find links to downloads of our newsletter and podcasts in one lovely handy place.

We’ve tried out a few styles of newsletter and now we’re Mailchimping with the best. Sign up for the new style newsletter here.

December 2011 Newsletter (PDF) This year’s review; About She Writes showcase; Mugs and t-shirts; She Writes introduces…

March 2011 Newsletter (Link to Facebook page) Our roundup of exciting International Women’s Day events. Kent networking group and new Youtube channel.

October 2010 Newsletter (PDF, 252kb) Featuring news on what we’ve done over the summer, playwright Shiona Morton’s thoughts on attachment, reviews and reading suggestions.

March 2010 Newsletter (PDF, 129kb) A month when dreams came true, 17percent London events, Reading list

February 2010 Newsletter (PDF,  134kb) New Year’s Resolutions? Interview with Bryony Lavery

November 2009 Newsletter (PDF, 111kb) Introduction to the organisation and advice from Shelley Silas

Youtube channel
Films from She Writes events, interviews with Interesting and Inspiring women in the theatre, our new guide to careers in the theatre and more to come!

Gemma Lloyd photo

Gemma Lloyd (interviewed at The Royal Festival Hall)

Here are all the Podcasts from the 17percent mini-festival of discussion and showcase nights on 11 and 12 March 2010.

Podcast one
March 11 2010. Discussion on Why so few women playwrights get their work performed. Podcast two
Plays from March 11 2010.
Podcast three
March 12 2010. Discussion on How we can get more plays performed written by women.  Podcast four
Plays from March 12 2010.

Emma Adams and Sam Hall, 12 March discussion 'What next?'

Emma Adams and Sam Hall, 12 March discussion

How to layout a script: sample
Each theatre has their own different standard, every writing course or tutor has their own different standard. You can find advice online on many sites. Check whether the theatre or competition you are sending your play to has a suggested formatting.

I format my scripts the way I was advised by a playwright who had worked with the Royal Court, but her way is different than others I have come across.  Here you can download a stage play example. This is just the way I do them, but it’s fairly standard.

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