Sarah Pitard is a finalist in Papatango

Sarah Pitard

Sarah Pitard

Congratulations to Sarah Pitard, the only female finalist in the Papatango new writing competition 2016.

Of 1,053 entries, the winner was Orca by Matt Grinter, and the other finalists were Gareth Jandrell, Sarah, Dean Poulter, and Chris Salt.

Sarah’s play Full Tilt is about the aftermath of a school shooting, which deals with themes of survivor’s guilt, the effects of the main stream media, motherhood, and the power of support from family and friends.

After a devastating national tragedy, Carrie, an artist and mother, struggles to make sense of a world where evil exists, and the place she and her young daughter have in it. Let’s ask the media: At what point does being paralyzed by survivor’s guilt make you a victim?

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A campaign to get more plays by women playwrights onto UK stages.
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