Happy Yet? : a new play from Swedish playwright Katie Berglof

Happy Yet posterOpen Mind Production introduces ‘Happy Yet?’, a dark comedy by the 21 year-old Swedish playwright Katie Berglof. ‘Happy Yet?’ is scheduled for daily performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from the 15th -27th August in the Space @ Surgeon’s Hall.

Happy Yet?’ offers a fresh and thought-provoking take on depression and mood swings – from an attic apartment in Stockholm. With a pinch of Nordic noir and a satirical twist, the play tells the story of a family’s inability to understand Uncle Torsten and his battle against his unstable mind. Torsten’s façade of confidence and charisma can fool everyone – except his young niece, Nina. Living in his brother’s home, Torsten is surrounded by constant reminders of his inadequacy and inability to fit into the so-called real world. As the light-hearted judge to his failures and mischief making, Nina is Torsten’s reason to keep going. Through Torsten’s intelligence, quick wit and unnerving charm,‘Happy Yet?’ addresses the complexities and humiliations of mental illness.

‘Happy Yet?’ draws on the personal experience of the playwright who watched a family member suffer from a life-time of being misdiagnosed and misunderstood.

‘Happy Yet?‘ marks the debut of Open Mind Productions, a group committed to tackling issues of mental health. The team of young writers, artists and directors, all new to the Fringe, meet regularly at local pubs and cafes around Edinburgh- the historic hub of the Enlightenment – to explore how the arts can contribute to a more enlightened, modern take on a taboo subject: our mental health. With an energetic cast of young actors, ‘Happy Yet?’ exposes the tragic outcomes of our modern ignorance of the link between intelligence and mental illness; and conditions that are still harshly judged – and poorly understood.


Venue: the Space @ Surgeons Hall (V53)
Date: 15th-27th August 2016 (not 21st)
Times vary: 10.50am 15th -20th, 11.50 22nd -27th
Duration: 1h15
Tickets: £7/£5

Website: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/happy-yet
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/happyyet2016/
Twitter: @happyyet2016

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