Three short plays expose their writers

poster for bare.“We are three twenty something women telling stories, and working together to form a narrative.”

Nothing is more thrilling and terrifying than completely exposing yourself. Not just baring your flesh, but your fears, secrets, and soul. bare. is an intimate evening of fresh, one-woman performances. International stories of sex, fear, love, inspiration, mental illness, strength, despair, independence, vulnerability, and everything in-between.

“We’ve had a host of wonderful directorial influence, and practitioners who’ve been incredibly supportive and giving. Though the pieces have different content, they are interlinked and will be woven together into a whole performance.”

IBZ is a wild piece penned by Kat Ronson. Sex. Love. Ibiza. Ecstasy. When Girl meets Him, life changes forever. How far will she go for her first love?

Steffanie Freedoff’s in the beginning there was Word is a piece of performance poetry about finding the depths of one’s soul at the point of a pen. Grace finds strength, courage, and her right to speak at a TEDtalk in Chicago.

“What does it sound like to you? is it loud? can you outrun it?” meet Lucy, and the messy line between normality and conformity with Mind the Gap written and performed by Madeleine Dunne.

Each of the writer/performers studied MA Acting at East 15 where they learned the importance of being able to create their own work.

Kat Ronson was the brains behind the show and is a writer/actor, and artistic director. Kat had already written her one woman play years earlier, but hadn’t found the appropriate time, or felt able to share it until ‘bare.’ Steffanie had previously performed her piece, and Madeleine was yet to write hers. But they were determined to share their stories, despite their content being particularly, metaphorically exposing.

For those of a sensitive disposition don’t be worried, there is no live explicit nudity (other than video footage). But the writers do recommend that audiences be aware of the sensitive content, loud noises, explicit language and potentially upsetting subject matters in the plays.

bare. plays for a limited time at the Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton, 14-16 July  at 7:30pm.

£10 standard / £8 concession. PLEASE NOTE SEATING IS EXTREMELY LIMITED.

Tickets  / Twitter: @bare_play

About 17Percent

A campaign to get more plays by women playwrights onto UK stages.
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