Female-led companies – we want to hear from you!

An ambition of 17Percent has long been to compile a database of female-led and feminist UK theatre companies, which we will have available on this site. We are now able to start our year-long project of making this a reality. We will be breaking the task down into regions, and our new blogger Joanna Lally will be helping to compile the database.

To clarify, we are seeking companies that are led by a majority or equal number of women, you don’t have to be female-only, and you don’t have to produce only work by women. If you are a theatre company comprised of women and men and consider yourselves feminist, and you program an equal or positive number of plays by female writers, then we’d also like to hear from you.

If you run such a theatre company and would like to feature in this listing – please get in touch!

You can now submit your information via our contact form.

About 17Percent

A campaign to get more plays by women playwrights onto UK stages.
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2 Responses to Female-led companies – we want to hear from you!

  1. liamharrison says:

    Intresting. Definitely a cool initiative. Although I would point out that female-led companies are not automatically feminist. Female-led companies are perfectly capable of propagating traditional sexist practices and ethos. Which is more your focus?

    • 17Percent says:

      Thanks for making the point, Liam. Men and women are indeed both capable of sexism.

      As 17Percent’s aim is to promote women’s work, which is so badly underrepresented, at the moment, we do not seek to make a judgment on the work produced. We are interested in building a list of theatre companies led by a majority of women, whether they consider themselves feminists or not, and also mixed/male companies who would consider themselves feminist in their programming and ethos: ie, that they tell men and women’s stories, that they programme at least an equal amount of work by female and male writers, that they work with at least an equal amount of male and female collaborators.

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