Plays from She Writes 27 October

We had a varied selection of plays at She and He Writes our experiment in male and female showcasing. We had aimed to present a 50/50 ratio of plays but in the end we had more female writers than male. We will repeat the experiment next year when we will open one evening up to male writers and mixed teams.

This was the last She Writes in short play showcase form this year, as the next She Writes (24 November) will showcase just one full-length play – ‘Politic Man’ by Alison Mead.

Plays presented:

Advice to my younger self  by Sam Hall
A 40-year old woman sees her 20-year old self going up the escalator at Angel tube station and is torn by whether she should intervene and change the direction her life went in.

Extremism by Barry Fentiman
Freedom fighter and folk hero Guido Fawkes speculates on how he will be remembered after successfully blowing up parliament.

We could see the sea (extract) by Naila V. Tantinya
A bittersweet monologue dealing with growing up, self-image and loss.

Stay by Dylan Oscar Rowe
A couple wake up in a strange flat, with no knowledge of how they got there. As the play unravels we learn that it’s not simply a story of a one-night stand with too much wine the night before.

I saw him on the 8.55 by Maggie Drury
A dark tale of obsession on the train.

Aphrodite can wait by Sam Rapp
An epic tale, spanning the life of one boy, from his birth to his death.

Safe distance by Allie Costa
A girl has missed the last tube. It’s Alec’s first night working there. He finds not all is as he thought with this pretty young woman.

Nobody by Helen Ryan
Two women meeting in a park. But they are not there just to feed the ducks…

We also had a short ‘flash fiction’ performed and written by Razz Saunders.

Thanks to our readers: Clementine Croft, Dylan, Sam, Barry, Sam, Razz and Malek Montag. Photography by Bill Gooch, Man in the Attic Photography.

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About 17Percent

A campaign to get more plays by women playwrights onto UK stages.
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