Win a copy of ‘Handbagged’ by Moira Buffini

Handbagged image © Tricycle Theatre

© Tricycle Theatre

‘Handbags, hairspray and sensible shoes.’

Handbagged is a new play by Moira Buffini, developed from her short play for the Women, Power & Politics season at the Tricycle Theatre in 2010.

It tells the story of the two most powerful women in the UK, as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the Queen hold their weekly meetings.

Buffini gives us a self-referencing structure with two versions of each the Queen and the PM, and a host of other characters played by just two actors, who serve to explain the history for those who weren’t there. The acting from each pair is superb – both Stella Gonet and Fenella Woolgar as the older and younger Thatcher have their chilling moments, and the older Queen Marion Bailey hurries the proceedings along with a queenly air. Young Liz, Clare Holman, seems to genuinely believe she can make a difference on the international and national stage. Neet Mohan and the always excellent Jeff Rawle, between them play the 17 other roles, in this whistlestop history-tour of the Thatcher Government, including Nancy Reagan and Dennis Thatcher.

Of course, nobody really knows what was said at any of these meetings, but Buffini gives us a plausible, and oftentimes, hilarious speculation.

Extended til 16 November 2013 – Book tickets on the Tricycle website.

The Tricycle Theatre have kindly given 17Percent two copies of the playscript of Handbagged. To win a copy, please email 17Percent with the answer to this question: What early ’90s period drama did Stella Gonet star in?
Closing date: 1 November.

The two lucky winners who will find  a copy on their doormat soon, are Vanessa Oakes and LB Quin. And of course, the answer was The House of Eliott.

About 17Percent

A campaign to get more plays by women playwrights onto UK stages.
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