Not lost in translation

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TREND festival, Rome April 2013

A play written by 17Percent founder Sam Hall will receive its world premiere this Friday and Saturday in Rome, Italy. The play has been translated into Italian by Valentina Rapetti.

Seven tunes on the flute is about how people and relationships change and disintegrate over time. It follows a group of friends who meet at university and whose lives are all affected when one of them is knocked down and goes into a coma. The play spans three decades, and follows the friends as they, and the world around them, changes.

Is a virtual relationship with someone less hazardous than a real one? All the relationships/lives in the play have been maintained through technology. They are linked through David on his life-support machine, and during the time he is in a coma, they project their fantasies of what they want him to be – in the same way that people on the internet project their fantasies into their long distance relationships.

It’s quite an ambitious play, it features 12 characters, at least eight of whom of female, (two other roles are not gender-specific), and follows a non-linear timeline, which dips in and out of past, present and future, and what might also be corrupted memories.

‘I didn’t want to write a play that featured a couple arguing in a room, (because I’ve done that,) but something that would tell a bigger story, and try to capture the essence of life in Britain over the last 20 or so years. Seven tunes on the flute is set in a near future where the NHS no longer exists, and examines what the consequences of it no longer existing might be for one patient, and his friends and family. Unfortunately, it appears that the play’s fictional scenario of the destruction of the Welfare State was much nearer than I thought.’

The play is featured in a festival of British writing, held annually in Rome. For more details visit the website.

About 17Percent

A campaign to get more plays by women playwrights onto UK stages.
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  1. angelastreet says:

    Sounds exciting, have a great time. Angie x

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