Interview with Nancy Hirst, Icon Theatre

Nancy Hirst
Nancy Hirst

The latest inteview in our ‘Interesting and Inspiring’ series is with Nancy Hirst. Nancy is the founder of Icon Theatre, a company producing innovative physical and visual theatre.  She’s got a new production, Release, about ex-offenders, going to Edinburgh in August.  Fusing a high energy performance style, mixed media and an original new score, the play explores why two thirds of UK prisoners re-offend within two years.

She set up Icon Theatre in her mid-twenties, frustrated at the compromises you have to make when working for others, and to make shows ‘the best I could’.  Initially based in Hackney, she moved the company to Medway in 2009, as ‘it seemed like a good fit. I think Medway’s really fascinating, I find it very comfortable here.’

You can watch Nancy’s interview in full on YouTube.

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