Interview with Gemma Lloyd

Gemma Lloyd photo

Gemma Lloyd (interviewed at The Royal Festival Hall)

I met with Gemma Lloyd who runs Act Up, a company specialising in acting training and who also produces theatre, for the latest in the Interesting and Inspiring interview series on YouTube.

We had a very interesting conversation about women in theatre, covering  Gemma’s background and what she is working on now. I also asked her about whether she feels an obligation to produce plays by women, one of her current projects is a new play by Shobu Kapoor (who formerly played Gita in Eastenders,) and Yvonne Wandera about prostitutes in Victorian England.

Gemma and I also talked about the importance of having role models and mentors (a topic I also discussed in my conversation with Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris which will shortly be available to download as an MP3) and Gemma is happy to be contacted by women who would like to talk about aspects of working in the theatre. She can be contacted via her website –, or email 17Percent and I can pass your details on.

Watch Part One and Part Two of the interview.

About 17Percent

A campaign to get more plays by women playwrights onto UK stages.
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