Interview with the inspiring and interesting Samantha Ellis

picture of Samantha Ellis

Playwright Samantha Ellis

The latest inspiring and interesting interview on the 17Percent Youtube channel is with playwright Samantha Ellis.

Samantha’s plays include Cling to me like Ivy, The thousand and second night, and Postfeminism for The Miniaturists. She is currently developing a play for children. You can find more about Samantha on her blog.

We spoke about her work, what inspires her about theatre, the relationship between current affairs and theatre and she also offers some advice to other women writers.

You can find the interview on the 17Percent Youtube channel or click here.

About 17Percent

A campaign to get more plays by women playwrights onto UK stages.
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1 Response to Interview with the inspiring and interesting Samantha Ellis

  1. SM Jenkin says:

    Terrific – I’ve just finished reading her book “How to be a Heroine”, it’s an absolute hoot. I’d recommend it to anyone who loves reading, and anyone who loves stories with honest, flawed protagonists. It’s given me a list of books to read that I would never have dreamed of trying. I love that Samantha has given her raw, personal reaction to her heroines and how her relationship with them has changed. It’s a great illustration that though work itself may not change, our reactions do keeping the story vital and alive…

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