Women don’t talk enough in meetings…

So says Dr Suzanne Doyle-Morris… ‘Research shows that women make 17% fewer comments and take 25% fewer ‘turns’ in meetings’, and often wait until they think there will be an opportunity to say something brilliant, but that opportunity never comes up.  She recommends saying at least three things and not to get the reputation for being the quiet one in the corner.

She also advises slowing down your speech – apparently women take an average of 10 seconds to make a point while men take 17 – now although this could be down to the fact that women aren’t waffling as much, it could also look like we don’t have conviction in our words.  

Find out more interesting and useful tips aimed at women in business on her website.

And have a look at this – a video by Taylor Mali about why we should speak with conviction.

About 17Percent

A campaign to get more plays by women playwrights onto UK stages.
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