Ten top tips for playwrights

These tips come from the lovely female playwrights I’ve interviewed and me. I’ve condensed some of them here – but if you want to hear more – go to the 17percent Youtube channel.

1) Tap into networks (join us!)

2) Never get drunk after a performance of your play. It might seem like a social event, but it’s work!

3) Make your name gender neutral to start out with.

4) Go and see plays, read plays, be prepared to talk about what plays and playwrights do it for you.

5) Work with the best people you can, so you can learn from them.

6) Find alternative ways of working if you have to – eg, speech recognition software.

7) Make space and time for writing.

8 ) Theatre should be a conversation not a competition, let’s establish a dialogue and get chatting.

9) Don’t promise anything you can’t deliver.

10) Be courteous and respond to people – even if it’s an email saying ‘no thanks’.

About 17Percent

A campaign to get more plays by women playwrights onto UK stages.
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2 Responses to Ten top tips for playwrights

  1. louise gooding says:

    some useful tips. But how depressing that we need to make our name gender neutral.

    • 17percent says:

      I agree. This has been suggested to me by several female writers. And not only playwrights. It seems like it’s back to the days of the Brontes and George Eliot. But I guess it’s worth a try to take the focus away from any (mis)assumptions about the author and allow the writing to speak for itself.

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