Some new writing opportunities

Here’s a couple of writing opportunities gleaned from ArtsJobs. If you don’t already subscribe to ArtsJobs then have a think about doing so. They list some good stuff. There’s a link in the links section below.

Write Now Liverpool’s Festival of One-Act Plays, running between FRIDAY 15 and SATURDAY 23 APRIL 2011 is currently accepting submissions

The Festival will be held at The Actor’s Studio, Seel Street, Liverpool city-centre.

Submission Guidelines
Two strands Adult audience & Family audience (ie plays for children)
Any / all one-act play submissions will be accepted except for adaptations.
All pieces MUST be original
Running time MUST be 50 – 60 minutes or 35 – 45 minutes (Family audience section)
Settings should be simple or suggested
Other then that there are no limitations!

Script submissions will close on FRIDAY 24 SEPTEMBER 2010 – pieces received after this date will be returned
Final selection of plays to be invited will be made by  end of November 2010

Submission Details and Application Form available at
In addition, if you’d like to keep up to date with Write Now, simply visit the website, register and you’ll then receive regular eBulletins about casting, recruitment, special offers and the festival itself.

If you have something ready to submit, get it to us. If you haven’t, then get writing!

Writers, Orpheos
Orpheos is a production company based in London.

We’re new and relatively inexperienced but we’re learning quickly and building on the knowledge, skills and background that each of our members brings to the table.

Our aim is to release content every month on our website, which is due to launch in September. Various people in the company take responsibility and artistic control for production each month, ensuring we’re always releasing something fresh and that no two months are the same. As a testament to this our first offering will be a comic silent film, with our second being a reflective radio play.

We’re looking for brilliant writers to submit exciting, original scripts. There are no restrictions on genre or form, so short films and radio plays are both welcome. The only caveat is that it must be something that can be released online. There’ll be a natural inclination towards projects that can be produced on no/low budgets at this stage as although we have ready access to high quality production equipment, we don’t have vast amounts of financial clout.

Ultimately we want to build strong relationships with writers leading to long-term collaboration with Orpheos. There would be scope to take on broader roles within the company, such as directing or producing, or workshopping and developing scripts with writers we already have on board. On the other hand we’re more than happy if you just want to submit individual scripts.

The position is voluntary as are all the roles within the company. Each person who has come aboard so far has been a surprise. They are all talented and dedicated individuals who are offering to give up their time for free to help this venture succeed.

If you’re interested in getting involved, want more information, or have a script you’d like to submit please get in touch at

We’ll read and respond to all emails and submissions.

About 17Percent

A campaign to get more plays by women playwrights onto UK stages.
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