Some writing opportunities

‘The Script 2011’

Critically acclaimed MokitaGrit Productions are launching a search to uncover the best in new-writing. New script competition ‘The Script 2011’ will be building on the already considerable reputation of MokitaGrit as one of the most prolific independent production houses in the UK.

We are looking for scripts with complex, engaging text and the potential for multimedia or mixed-media production. Submitted plays need to engage with contemporary society, either politically or culturally, and give a voice to strong and diverse characters. We are happy to accept scripts that need development.

The company will read all scripts. The top scripts as chosen by the full company, will be developed with the writers. They will then have extracts performed over a week. These performances will take place in front of an industry-led panel and a public audience in Spring 2011. The winner of the festival will be taken to full production by MokitaGrit, for which funding is already in place.

Entry into the competition is by hard-copy only. Please send scripts to MokitaGrit Literary Department, 33A Station Road, London RM3 0BS. Please include an email address for correspondence. If you would like your script returned please include a stamped, addressed envelope.

Closing date for entries is 11th September 2010.
Northern Bullits

This Oct/Nov we’ll be picking up the Northern Bullits Banner and venturing back into theatre. We are looking for Northern based writers to collaborate on our 2010 project, which will be performed at Theatre in the Mill, Bradford over a week at the end of Oct or beginning of Nov.

These pieces should range between 5 – 15mins with a cast limited to 5 – doubling up is allowed, but low techis necessary. They will make up an evening of four to five shorts played out by the same cast, with two weeks rehearsal, one week run. The theme is based very loosely on “More Than Words”. We’re looking for dialogue-lite pieces, but the setting and action is absolutely open. There’s probably an hour and half to fill so, if you have an idea, jot it down (just a paragraph for now) and we’ll review these ideas throughout the months of June/July and will make final decisions by the end of July. Those who are chosen to go ahead with their proposed piece will be asked to meet up with the cast and crew and will be given the opportunity to flesh out their idea creating the final draft ready to be rehearsed by Oct. There will of course be a payment, but please bare in mind the budget for the whole project is 5k so you won’t be retiring on this one!

If you have any queries please feel free to email Mark Catley

About 17Percent

A campaign to get more plays by women playwrights onto UK stages.
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