2 fab opportunities!

Spotted these two – they are worth checking out if you fulfil the criteria.

Writers & Directors for Arch 468: Prospects 2010, Arch 468

‘From August to December Arch 468 aims to give public rehearsed readings to every new play submitted. We’re looking for writers with a play they’re burning to have seen and emerging directors to direct each play we show.

Arch 468: Prospects brings work into direct contact with an audience. We’re not passing any judgement, good or bad, on your play – we want to let the audience do that. The Prospects season is about you hearing your play out loud, and seeing how an audience react to it.

Arch 468: Prospects aims to:
1.– stage as many rehearsed readings of new plays as possible.
2.– engage audiences in the development of new plays.
3.– integrate awareness of actors and audience in the writer’s process.
4.– give writers at all stages of development the opportunity to hear their play read.
5.- promote Arch 468 as a supportive home for emerging writers.

Arch 468 will stage a rehearsed reading of as many new plays as we can, facilitated by an emerging director. The company meets at 10am on the day of the reading and then have a day to get to grips with the play, and be ready to perform it that evening to an eagerly awaiting public.

Dates: August – October 2010. Exact dates TBC

To Apply: Visit http://www.arch468.com/Prospects.html
Please note, these are unpaid development roles. Application deadline is 31 July 2010′


Writer for a new play for young actors required by The Courtyard Centre For The Arts, Hereford (Paid)
Queries: kate.ganderton@courtyard.org.uk

PRODUCT:  A script for a piece of theatre celebrating the famous actor/director David Garrick, produced for at least 25 performers, based on research provided by the Young Roots Group. 

STYLE/DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS: The Young Roots Group will be responsible for initial research on the historical evidence that forms the basis of the project.
The piece must be focussed on the historical aspects of Garrick and the Theatres in Herefordshire.
The piece must be suitable for performance by the group of 13 and 14 year olds
The piece will be performed in various theatrical venues.
The piece will be a fully finished script running to around an hour’s length and involving all 25 students.
ESSENTIAL ATTENDANCE DAYS: Thursday July 8th and/or Friday July 9th, 7.45pm: Launch night of Project
Saturday 26th June: 4.45pm – 6.15pm: Youth theatre session to meet the group and hear their ideas.
Wednesday July 21st: All Day Heritage Information Workshop run by External Practitioner
Approx 6 – 10 Wednesday Evening Youth Theatre Sessions throughout September / October / November 2010 (exact dates to be confirmed with scriptwriter)
BRIEF: To produce a script within the above guidelines, to be performed at The Courtyard Centre For The Arts in Hereford and other community venues

FEE: To include all travel costs and all material costs: £5,000

The group have stated that the piece must:

Be humorous and exciting
Include lots of facts
Include good, strong, interesting characters
Consider scenery / costumes
Must target all generations

TARGET AUDIENCE: Visitors to The Courtyard Centre for the Arts, of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities. They are in The Arts and in Herefordshire.   
Customers and Visitors interested in Herefordshire’s history
Theatre Historians
Young people from schools, youth clubs etc interested in expanding their Local Heritage Knowledge.

DEADLINE: Applications: no later than 18th June 2010

First Draft: Monday 23rd August 2010

HOW TO SUBMIT: Please provide a letter of application relating to the points of the brief along with an up-to-date copy of C.V.

About 17Percent

A campaign to get more plays by women playwrights onto UK stages.
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