Introducing the actors from our first showcase

Most of our actors have full biographies and pictures on Spotlight. To view their details – go to and type their Pin into the search box.
Kirsty Cox
Kirsty played Elizabeth in ‘The King was in his counting house’
Spotlight Pin: 1975-6757-9810
Elena Dapelo
Elena played Mary in ‘Lydia Bennett returns’
Spotlight Pin: 7892-0190-5527 
Richard de Lisle
Richard played Shoey in ‘Magic Thing’,  Wayne in The road to enlightenment via Maidstone’, Sir Colin in ‘The king was in his counting house’
Spotlight Pin: 0051-8940-9538
Picture of Ben HallBen Hall
Ben played Jago in ‘Pinching squirrels biscuits’, Mr Darcy in ‘Lydia Bennett returns’, Michael in ‘The king was in his counting house’, Pluto in ‘Another stab at life’ and Tom in ‘Do the right thing’.
Ben studied at the Central School of Speech and Drama.
Emma Hay
Emma played Primrose in ‘The Love Story of Fred and Buttercup’, Greer Shoemaker in ‘Magic thing’, Jane in ‘The king was in his counting house’, Mrs Bennett in ‘Lydia Bennett returns’ and Gilly in ‘The girl who collected stories’
Spotlight Pin: 3979-3424-1480
Marie Kenny
Marie played Lydia in ‘Lydia Bennett returns’
Spotlight Pin: 9259-9083-8014 
Lindesay Mace
Lindesay played Kitty in ‘Lydia Bennett returns’ and Kate in ‘Do the right thing’
Spotlight Pin: 7775-0192-5443

Steve McGowan
Steve played Sean in ‘Pinching Squirrels Biscuits’ 
Spotlight Pin: 4054-6729-5889

picture of ArabellaArabella Noortman
Arabella played Daisy in ‘Khao San Road’.
She went to Westminster school and completed her A-levels last year, she is going to combine more acting training whilst studying English at Bristol university. She did an acting course at Central School of Speech and Drama, and hopes to do a course in New York at the Lee Strasberg Institute in May.

If you would like to contact any of the actors, please email

About 17Percent

A campaign to get more plays by women playwrights onto UK stages.
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