A flavour of last week’s events…

The first London showcase and discussion events went really well – so thanks all for coming – and those of you who couldn’t make it – we’ll have some podcasts and a report from the event available to download soon from the website.

Some of the headline messages from the events were:

Emma Adams – write about what you believe in.

Lucy Pitman-Wallace – think about writing for older actresses who are poorly served by existing writing.

Sue Parrish – Get out there and get networking – most business is done in the bar.  

Cheryl Robson – Do something every day to promote your writing.

Sam Hall – We want to do more research into women playwrights’ experiences with theatres – so please email if you want to take part in our research.

Feedback from the audience – was that they’d like longer to informally network – so the next events will build in more time for that.

The two showcases were ably directed by Shakera Louise Ahad and Sarah Davies (who did a great job of multitasking on the panel on Thursday and also being one of the playwrights on Friday!).

The plays in the showcase ranged from an updated Greek myth, a tragi-comedy about a couple whose son went missing 20 years ago, a rewriting of the ending of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, and two powerful and funny monologues about a map obsessed geek and a doctor’s wife (who finds herself in a situation perhaps a little bit like Dr Harold Shipman’s wife might have done).

You will be able to download all the plays and the panel discussions soon – we will update this when they are available.

About 17Percent

A campaign to get more plays by women playwrights onto UK stages.
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1 Response to A flavour of last week’s events…

  1. Lynda Hazelwood says:

    I couldn’t attend unfortunately, but am glad that things went really well for you. By coincidence I attended the Masterclass at the National on the 11th. An interesting comment came up in the question/answer session from Sebastian Born (Head of Literary).
    They only work with experienced playwrights so you need to get your work out there and submit plays to the new writing theatres ie. The Bush, Hampstead etc. apparently they are looking for new writers….
    I tried to “hover” around the stage to speak to him directly about the ageism issue and over 25s – new theatres reluctant to work with older playwrights (included men) and older actors/actresses but couldn’t unfortunately as he was in deep discussion with a colleague. I’m in my 40s by the way.
    Obviously in the case of women – it’s a double whammy – as a lot of new writing theatres are reluctant to work with older individuals including those from the acting/directing/production side of things. I’ve tried to get advice/information on play production costs etc with a view to getting funding from the Arts Council and they are reluctant to even respond to carefully worded emails.

    Keep going!

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