On collaboration and naming

Have been working with an illustrator on an illustrated short story. I don’t want to call it that as it makes it sound like it’s for kids, which it isn’t, I’d rather call it a graphic short story – except that gives the wrong nuance with people who don’t read them, so perhaps I’ll call it sequential art instead – though that’s a term only real fans will know…

Anyway, this story in pictures and words that we’ve finally completed, is looking fantastic. Writing the script was very much like writing a film script, then getting to storyboard it frame by frame. It grew quite organically, there’s far fewer words on a page than you might imagine, so the story has to be very tight; every word counts. Sometimes what you imagine working in your head, doesn’t work at all once it’s drawn. Each frame works best if it’s got a sense of movement, and some film references you might think would work – extreme close-ups – for example – don’t seem to work at all. A steep learning curve, but good to have a go at – we have a longer project about Kent on the go too.

My top graphic novels at the moment:
The Manga Shakespeare series
Alice in Sunderland
The league of extraordinary gentlemen
Superman – True Brit

About 17Percent

A campaign to get more plays by women playwrights onto UK stages.
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