Shocking lack of women writers in other disciplines

Read a very interesting report about women screenwriters in the UK, which has made me think about what 17percent will offer, once we are up and running.

In 2006 (when the report was commissioned) it was discovered that the figures for female film screenwriters were actually grimmer than for female playwrights in terms of percentages (hovering just under 15%). A more recent study showed that figures have not changed much, if anything they’ve gone down (figures from Birds Eye View suggest it’s more like 12% now). Therefore 17percent will also focus on initiatives for this related discipline.

The main drive will still continue to be writing for theatre, as organisations to promote women in film and TV in the UK already exist, (eg, Bird’s Eye View Film Festival, Women in Film and TV) , but we will join the film debate, as so many playwrights also write, or aspire to write, for film and TV.

Read the two reports in full (both commissioned by the UK Film Council):

Scoping study into the lack of Women Screenwriters in the UK’ (Sinclair, Pollard, Wolfe, IES, 2006)

‘WRITING BRITISH FILMS – who writes British films and how they are recruited’ (Rogers, 2007)

About 17Percent

A campaign to get more plays by women playwrights onto UK stages.
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